The Caribbean boasts climate perfect islands coupled with idyllic scenery and the hospitality of a people who are ready to help you enjoy your holiday.  The Caribbean appeals to you if you just want to relax and soak up the gorgeous sunshine sipping cocktails, with the sound of the ocean whispering promises of happiness and contentment and glorious sun rays warming the soul.

Even though all the islands boast fantastic weather all year round, the islands each have their own appeal. For the adventurer there is an abundance of fascinating history and culture to discover and for the explorer there are forest trails and an array of exotic wildlife and outdoor pursuits unearth. No one is left without something to do, and many of the islands provide superb shopping opportunities in finding that perfect souvenir or great bargain.

shutterstock_122485123- Caribbean-Snorkelling.jpgThe best time to go on a Caribbean Beach holiday is between December and May. Hotels offer the best prices in May making it the optimum time to visit as the weather is fine. Peak season is between December and April when most visitors are looking to escape the harsh winters of the UK, USA and Europe.

For most of the Caribbean, the hurricane season runs from August until October with rain from the end of May through to December. As the weather is most settled in December, the Christmas and New Year periods are the busiest and also the most costly time to travel to and stay in the Caribbean, alongside Easter. In the Caribbean resorts are more quiet between September and the end of November when some restaurants and other services may be limited or shut down completely. This is an ideal time to visit as there are some very good deals to be found offering an even more leisurely holiday with vendors making a greater effort to attract custom in shops, restaurants and bars on the islands.

shutterstock_122468311-Couple-on Beach.jpgWeddings and Honeymoons are popular in the Caribbean too as it provides a picture perfect setting for your special day. With an abundance of hotels and wedding options to choose from we can customise your ideal wedding in a location of your choice.With so many islands to choose from, no matter when you decide to go you will have an enjoyable stay with unforgettable fun and a lifetime of memories! Contact us for your perfect Caribbean getaway.