Middle East

The Middle East is where modernity combines seamlessly with the ancient heritage and customs dating back to BC with the biblical antiquities of the Holy Lands, Israel, Jordan and Egypt. The mysteries of the past continues into the Arabian Desert where the roaming Bedouin People are ready to the magical and offers a destination which will intrigue, captivate and entice you to return again.

A visit to the United Arab Emirates invokes thoughts of opulence and comfort in palatial surroundings combined with excellent service beyond royal standards, in the midst of Arabian traditions and customs. A visit to this region will surpass all expectations. The Middle East, UAE boasts sunshine all year round, tropical waters and shimmering white beaches, dramatic deserts interspersed with oases and luxury hotels plus the added warmth of Arabian hospitality.

Expect to enjoy a taste of the rich cosmopolitan city living, and experience the traditional Bedouin desert culture within a diverse landscape offering a myriad of activities for relaxation or high octane appetites.

Destination Highlights

Al Ain the Garden City of Arabia, within its 40 hectares you will find a zoo, home to indigenous breeds of Oryx, big cats, monkeys, reptiles, African antelopes, penguins and flamingos are just some of the rare animals that abound here.

Take a trip to the summit of the largest mountain in the UAE, Jebel Hafeet accessible by road where you will be surprised with breath-taking views of the outlying town and the countryside.

Liwa Oasis red sand dunes are home to the Bani Yas, Bedouin tribe, ancestors of the current royal family and where the highest sand dunes remain unchanged for centuries. The Liwa is base for the Annual Off Road Rally championships, camel races and overnight camping. The dunes are an attraction in themselves and you will be mesmerised by the magical way in which the sands change colour from gold to red.

Merheb Dune in the region will win the hearts of those looking for an adrenalin thrill, then take on the challenge of sand skiing, biking, four wheel driving up the steep  dunes 385 metres above sea level.

Activity Highlights

shutterstock_136022369-Dubai-Palace-Hotel.jpgTrace the lifestyle of the wandering Bedouins in the boundless sands of the Empty Quarter made famous by the British Explorer Wilfred Thesiger who gained inspiration for his book Arabian Sands.

Visit the Souks and seafront Corniche where you can enjoy the present as well as the past, as you watch craftsmen employing olden techniques on restoring their vessels, with steel and glass clad skyscrapers providing a modern backdrop with cosmopolitan restaurants, clubs and hotels.

Enjoy the stunning skyline on a sunset dinner cruise where you will be treated to the delights of an Arabian banquet with traditional music and warm hospitality with the twinkling city lights behind you.

United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi is the wealthiest of all its neighbouring cities Dubai, Oman, Jordan and Yemen and has a far greater Arabian tradition tempo than Dubai.

Abu Dhabi the capital of the United Arab Emirates offers countless modern day attractions along with ancient Arabian traditions. Abu Dhabi continues to attract visitors from around the globe as it is now known as a region where service levels have achieved new heights of excellence. Excellent dining, entertainment and nightlight add to the appeal of this region, from traditional delicacies and Arabian banquets to a choice of European and Asian cuisines.

Abu Dhabi offers great value for money lavish styled accommodations you will not be disappointed as the costs of its five star hotels are equivalent to the cost of a three star in London!

Activity Highlights

Leisure pursuits are the gamut of choice with Championship golf, fishing excursions, scuba diving and even camel racing.

UAE’s tradition delivers you authentic cultural experiences from its past such as henna painting, mosque visits, souks shopping, falconry and even camel racing. This island city affords you the benefits of an island with warm temperatures, sun, sand and pools of water fused with modern city living of shopping, world class cuisine, nightlife, theatre, cultural and heritage events.

Destination highlights

The Breakwater 1600sq metres showcases The Heritage Village where you can see a portrayal of wind towers, goat hair tents and Bedouin life, Arabian horses and Camels.

Sir Bani on Yas island is must see nature reserve where nature and animal husbandry have provided a protected environment for many of the 3,500 indigenous plants and native wildlife roam freely in a protected area.


Dubai is cleverly designed Arabian city using modern technological advances to design awe inspiring buildings, made to preserve much needed coolness with water sprays providing cool outdoor spaces. The use of wind machines combined with sprays of water keep the ski slopes and ice rinks cool. This desert resort where water is an addiction for all, will surprise you as the dessert and city life are harmoniously entwined.

Activity Highlights

Ascend the worlds’ tallest building, The Burj Jhalifa for breath-taking views of the city and marina reminiscent of being in an aircraft. Here you will get a great sense of how the city has developed over the past years.

Desert Safari is the most essential tour to do to get a real flavour of modern Bedouin life. The adventures start the moment you step aboard the air-conditioned 4x4s which scramble the desert to arrive at an authentic Bedouin camp where you are treated to a BBQ and shown the art of henna and Shisha.

Take a nature walk at sunrise and a camel ride at sunset to really appreciate the diversity of this magnificent city. Camel rides are a must too if you want to complete your desert experience.

Visit the souks for colourful textiles and then browse the little art galleries as you head across The Creek on a traditional Abra boat for some lively waterside activity and to be stunned by the Gold and Spice Souk.

Stroll down the Bastakhia where you will find the Wind Towers, showing traditional wind turbines the pioneering instruments of air-conditioning as we know it today.

Destination highlights

shutterstock_93770773-Moroccan-Spice-markets.jpgEmirates Palace which stands boldly in the Arabian skyline is a true representation of the epitome of extravagance and is claimed to be one of the most expensive hotels ever built. As a visitor not staying at the hotel, you can take a grand tour or enjoy sumptuous High Tea! Next door there is the Marina Mall a shoppers delight with designer goods as well as traditional carpets, spices and handicrafts.

Yas Marina hosts its newest attraction Yas Waterworld,15 acres  of water fun to thrill with the largest sheet wave surf and the longest suspended rollercoaster in the Middle East. Yas Island is themed from the country’s pearl diving heritage and plays host to concerts, racing events and boasts several luxury hotels.

Ferrari World

One of the first of its kind in the world, the theme park includes a variety of rides for the entire family and the worlds’ fastest rollercoaster in the world!

Yas Marina Circuit

Here you can enjoy full day driving experiences from behind the wheel of a powerful sports car or a single-seater on the Yas Marina race course.  Choose your thrill by riding as a passenger and be driven by a professional driver or get behind the steering wheel of an Aston Martin.

Spectacular water shows which magically light up the skies reflecting in the modern faces of high rise buildings offers panoramic views across the desert.


Curry-Dishes.jpgEgypt is a perfect destination for sun and sea with its appealing temperatures and its key position as entry to the East promises a magical experience for those who visit. Winter runs from November to April and is mild whilst in summer May to October, temperatures range from 20-30 degrees C with July nudging 40 degrees. Ideally positioned in the Mediterranean, it boasts beautiful sandy beaches, turquoise waters, luxury hotels and

Destination Highlights

Take in a light and sound show at the Sphinx and Great Pyramids of Giza where history is told of centuries gone by.

Islamic Cairo boasts the Citadel of Saladin, panoramic views of the city and pyramids patterned with numerous bazaars and mosques Al Azhar Mosque the world’s oldest operating university.

Old Cairo is the community to Cairo’s Christians with its symbolic hanging church.

Modern Cairo home to the Egyptian Antiquities Museum charting every period of Egypt’s history and includes ancient Egyptian jewellery, Tutankhamun galleries and a mummy room.

Enjoy a traditional cruise on the Nile, by cruising on the second largest river in the world, from Luxor to Aswan as part of the Classic Seven Night Nile Cruise an ideal way for you if it’s your first visit.

Activity Highlights

Escape the hustle and bustle for a night of belly dancing and camping with Bedouins under the twinkling stars in the desert.

Khan al Khalili is Cairo’s most famous souk where you can buy anything from Sheesha hubble-bubble pipes, payrus paintings, fine silver and gold, to cheap souvenirs. Be prepared to accept a glass of mint tea as part of the customary bargaining process especially for larger wares like carpets and haggling well is to start by offering a third of the asking price!

Snorkelling and diving in Red Sea’s new dive base is a great way to begin your under water tuition.

For Children, there New Liquid Park is the first inflatable Water Park features slides, trampolines, rafts and other attractions.

Take a day trip to the Nile Valley in Safaga and witness black sand dunes.


Israel is not just about history, but with Mediterranean temperatures, great wine, lively markets, and world-famous attractions the golden beaches and rocky deserts will give you plenty to enjoy. Old Jerusalem awash with temples and churches steeped in tradition will remind you of times gone by as you marvel at majestic monuments of the past kingdoms.

Experience food markets, modern boutique shops, paintings and a choice of bars and restaurants. Tel Aviv and Jerusalem offer abundant night life suitable for a younger crowd, although its streets appeal to all ages with markets, designer shops and selling second hand records, books and jewellery.

Destination highlights

shutterstock_91907759-Petra-Jordan.jpgVisit the Holy Land and take in sights like the Church of the holy Sepulchre, Mount Olives, 14 Stations of the Cross, The Western Wall (Wailing) and the Jerusalem Museum will be a memorable day whether you are religious or not.

Float in the Dead Sea, and leave all your troubles behind as you completely float without effort.

A vist to the Ein Gedi Spa where you can relax in Roman styled marble baths and enjoy any of the 21 treatments available is highly recommended.

Visit the market in Carmel for fresh food made from local produce.

For wine lovers, tours are available where you can see the wine making processes and sample.

Visit a diamond cutting facility where you can see the diamonds cut and polished.

Activity Highlights

A trip to the desert to see the Oasis of Palms and sample delicious dates by Camel, horse or jeep is a great way to witness the sites of the Negev Desert and meet Bedouin families herding their goats and even enjoy a meal with them.

A day tip to Caesarea is a must as it will take you back to biblical times of when King Herod ordered a city to be built in Roman style with baths, temples and a huge amphitheatre.

For shopping you must purchase Olive wood in the form of Nativity Sets or wooden utensils or an array of cooking spices and a visit to Old Jaffas Flea market will guarantee your souvenir shopping a success.

Hikers and bikers and rock climbers have plenty of trail to discover passing sites of biblical times, known as the Jesus Trail, stretches 65km from Nazareth to Capernaum and will be thrilled with views of the Red Sea from a vantage point along the Ramon Crater Walls.

In winter, Skiing in the North on Mount Hermon in January is a surprising treat as in less than 6 miles south to Eilat, you can be lying on a sunny beach or kite surfing.

Water-sports are popular with white-water rafting on the Jordan River Canyon and a variety of water-sports and hand-gliding.

If it’s a stop-over to Dubai or a holiday in the Middle East that you are after then we can design the perfect itinerary to make sure you don’t miss a thing.