LMA_Rooms_Presidential_Villa.jpgGlobal Getaway listen to your aspirations and dreams of going to faraway places and experiencing unforgettable moments with people of different cultures and customs to make your holiday dreams a reality.

A good nights’ sleep is essential for a great holiday and we believe that accommodation is a home away from home experience, embellished with the flavours of the destination. With that in mind we strive to include the most appropriate type of accommodation to satisfy your personal preference and the practical requirements of the type of holiday being taken.

We work with accommodation providers across the globe and so can customise your holiday to include the perfect choice of accommodation so you can have an uplifting and enjoyable holiday.

MEWL-interior-tent-Kenya.jpgIf you desire a luxury six star hotel in Dubai, a luxury Safari lodge, a luxury tent in Canada, a luxury water villa in the Maldives, a luxury chalet in the French alps, a luxury cabin in the Rockies, a luxury guest house, a luxury recreational vehicle and even a luxury river cabin we can provide it for you.

We are happy to advise on accommodation types available anywhere in the world and help you choose the most suitable for maximum enjoyment of your holiday.